Phire Studio - Technology Enabler Company | We enable technology to works for your success all the time
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Get Insphired!

We are a technology company. We focus on reengineering, redefining and transforming your businesses with technology that works for you. Together, we aim to inspire you and create a truly smart business.

Creative Solutions

Find creative solutions that WORKS for you and your business

Works on Data

We work on data. Let the data SPEAKS!

Technology Ideas

Finding the BEST technology support for your business idea

Perfect Designs

PERFECTLY designed solution for each unique need

The Best Team of Industry Experts Skilled in Strategy, Planning & Execution

We are committed to the following values as the fundamental of our company: customer focused, respect, excellence, accountability, teamwork, & enjoying our work (CREATE). These values make a positive distinction for our employees, clients, as well as other business partners.

Industrial Monitoring

Let your machine tell every single detail. Get insight from every production process with Phire Studio's ``MAGIC BOX`` technology.

Smart Data Solutions

Data speaks! Discuss with our industry expert on which data is important to capture and will be useful for your business.

AI Analytics

Let our AI engine give predictive and prescriptive analysis to your machine

Cloud Hosting

Our goal is to provide a reliable and secure Cloud Solution for your business.

Web Development

Just a website is not enough. Your business needs a website according to your specific business needs.

Digital Marketing

Do you want to establish a brand or win a new market? Use digital technology to help you get a measured result.

Mobile Apps

Expand your business capability with the technology that exists in everyone pocket.

Market Research

The core of product launching is an accurate market research. Phire Studio provides market research with a budget that makes sense.

Creating Smart Business

Connected Things + Data Intelligence

For Industry 4.0

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Phire IoT Edge

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

Monitor quality, machines status and scan results

Machine Monitoring

Machine Monitoring

Monitor your SCADA, PLC, and sensors in all levels

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Monitor your warehouse stocks and item traffic

Smart Auto Monitoring

Smart Auto Monitoring

Monitor your vehicle location, vehicle mileage, fuel consumptions, and machine health status



Monitor your shop stocks and transactions

Phire AI Algorithm

Vision AI

Vision AI

Defect detection (eg. scratch, dent), object detection, counting object

Operational Optimisation

Operational Optimisation

Optimise your business process and operation with data collected in Phire Intelligent Platform

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Let the machine learn from previous failure pattern and predict the future failure

Prescriptive Maintenance

Prescriptive Maintenance

Prescribe solution on issues based on data collected in Phire Intelligent Platform

Business Decision

Business Decision

Let Phire innovative technology helps you to make business decisions based on data collected in Phire Intelligent Platform

Production Process

Complete Process To Get Optimum Result


Defining Goals

Start from ``ground zero``

With a clear target and KPI, we are confident to succeed on every project together with you.


Layout the Strategy

Unique Blueprint Document

We will integrate all your needs. In addition, with data, you will get the most complete project blueprint you've ever seen.


Detailed Technology Design

Accommodate your unique needs

The use of technology can be different at every stage. Armed with our unique blueprint above, we will make sure technology work hard for your unique needs.


Coding & Development

Every line of code is unique

We will work optimally by making the above technology work according to specifications. At this stage the Phire Studio wizard team will work to mix all the ingredients to make this project successful.


Next Level

The curtain opens

The moment that is most awaited by each client. Reinvent, reimagine your business by utilizing Phire technology. This will definitely be very exciting.